“Frozen” an atypical princess film


Staged in the cold and snowy lands of Norway, Frozen takes Disney princess fans, and reluctant others, on a different path than most other Disney films. Frozen has two main characters, Anna and Elsa, sisters in a growing kingdom by the sea. Elsa has a terrible secret though, one that she must keep hidden, even from the one closest to her when growing up: her sister Anna.

As the story continues to set up, Anna and Elsa are left on their own, with Elsa’s coronation day coming soon. Reluctantly, Elsa opens up the castle for coronation and while Elsa is fearfully hiding, Anna is busy running around meeting people, and falls in love with a handsome prince.

After a heated argument with her sister, Elsa travels to the far mountains to live on her own where she has no fear of hurting others again. Anna, being a truly loyal sister, goes on to find her and is accompanied by a grumpy boy and his pet reindeer. Mixed in with the tragic and emotional parts of the story, a snowman named Olaf becomes the comic relief, adding more depth to the story and bringing it to life.

The middle shows signs of the story becoming stuck. The story writers seemed unsure of where they wanted their characters to go, or how they wanted them to get there. While the middle becomes muddled with too many events, the ending comes far too soon.

In a tragic plot twist, showing us who the true villain is, the story comes to a close, showing that these two new Disney princesses are not typical like Snow White and Cinderella. Anna and Elsa can show that even a princess can mess up and does not need to make all the perfect decisions. Disney follows a path much different than many of their other movies with their newest addition to the Disney family.

On the premiere weekend, November 10, 2013; Frozen beat out many of the other most awaited movies of the year, including Catching Fire and Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World. Making it the most viewed movie, raking in a startling total of $31.6 million that weekend. Beating Hunger Games Catching Fire, which totaled at $26.1 million.

This movie took me through many different emotions. From laughing at Olaf and his crazy antics, to being appalled at a choice that they both need to make. Disney is reaching out to an audience that is more mature than their usual viewers, but they still keep it in a range that the youngsters don’t become confused or bored of the movie set before their eyes. Once again Disney has made a movie that will be viewed and loved for many generations to come.

If you’re in need of a movie to take your family to, or one for a date night, this would be the movie to see. With a soundtrack to match the thrilling events, you’ll want to watch it over and over. The sisters sing a duet, with Anna having a solo in the beginning. The top song though, goes to Elsa, whose song has a studio recording version, which rarely happens. A movie like this, to accompany Disney’s other recent princess in Tangled, brings their movies around to the 21st century. Showing young and teenage girls the kind of role model they need, even if they are animated.