Rivalries, both high school and college, are slightly pathetic

Rivalries, both high school and college, are slightly pathetic

It happens all the time: small bickering between opposing teams. Specifically Utah’s own Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.

Flags on houses and stickers on cars; fans show their patriotism for their team. It seems that everyone has chosen a side, but there are always those who either don’t have a preference, or just don’t care at all.

Rivalries between schools, whether it be high school or college, are slightly pathetic. I watch as my neighbors insult people that, not only are complete strangers to them, but are also miles away in a stadium that they only rarely visit. There’s something about name calling that’s just childish to me. Supporting your team is awesome, but if belittling another team is what support is called these days, then it’s gone far down hill.

Even in high school people separate themselves because of the location of their school, when in all reality, the only thing separating them is their attitude toward each other. Friends often cross borders, but when it comes to games it seems to be okay to slander each other.

Don’t get me wrong– competitiveness is fun and not necessarily a bad thing, but lowering standards just to have fun at the expense of others is only belittling yourself.