Peggy McFarland: Davis High library patron


Peggy Mcfarland isn’t a name that you’d recognize, but she’s here, at Davis, in the library every B day.

Peggy’s son, sophomore Nathan Mcfarland, is homeschooled, but comes to Davis for  class eighth period. While her son is in class, she goes to the library to read and wait for school to be over. “I come and sit in the nice comfy chairs and read,” said Mcfarland. “Right now we’re reading How to Kill a Mockingbird, we’re almost done with it.”

As Mcfarland goes throughout the rest of the year reading in the library, it’s hard to say how many books that she’ll go through, but it will surely be a lot. Mcfarland has become another part of Davis High, maybe not one that most know about, but she is truly an untold story.