The Mob: a DHS tradition that will stand the test of time

Excited basketball team members are full of anticipation as they clamber onto the bus, getting ready to play another game. They know that family, friends, and enthusiastic members of their dedicated fan club, known as “The Mob”, will be there to cheer them on.

The Mob was started two years ago by some of the senior students that year, and has continued to grow to become a crucial part of football and basketball games. Just having “The Mob” participating at these games has had a huge impact on the sports teams. Senior Colton Chronister, a member of The Mob, said, “It helps tremendously! If you ask any of the players…even if you ask the coaching staff, they say [The Mob] is the biggest advantage, just because the amount of people we get and how loud we are. [The Mob] definitely helps the team.”

In addition to showing support for various sports teams, being a member of The Mob can also be a lot of fun.  Chronister said, “[I like] the environment you get to create, being with your buddies, cheering on, it’s kind of like a game inside itself. You get to cheer against the opposing team’s student section and it’s a lot of fun.”

Senior Logan Barber also enjoys being a member of The Mob and has been to cheer at every basketball game this year. Barber said, “I like it because it kind of gets us all involved. We all have one cause to just cheer on our own team and have fun and go wild.”

This year, The Mob has been continually recruiting new members by selling camouflage mob shirts. “Camo has kind of become the mob’s color just kind of by default. It kind of came out of nowhere, but it’s just a part of the mob now,” said Chronister.

The new tradition of The Mob will continue to be a part of Davis High for years to come. “I know the mob will last every year,” said Chronister, “I know it for a fact.”