Anticipating 2014 trends


Students at Davis this past year have gotten used to hearing things like swag, twerk, and DHP. But now that 2013 is over, some students think they know what new slang words and trends to expect in 2014.

“Big blingy watches,” said senior Logan Shrader, “Me and all my friends wear these big watches, like they say, swag is for boys class is for men…I always get a lot more attention from people if I’m wearing a button up and some skinny jeans. Like hey, I like your style. I think we’ll be seeing #classy on instagram soon”.


Other students don’t believe the current trends won’t be gone anytime soon. “I think stuff is going to stay the same,” said junior Connor Mehr. “I haven’t seen anything new really starting on facebook or twitter”.


With the start of the New Year we begin to see new trends, but some old ones are forgotten. Some Davis students are glad to see some of these fads go. “I’m glad to see twerking fading, I thought it was really pointless and stupid”, said Mehr


“Probably ’What Does the Fox Say?’ I don’t even know the whole song, it’s just annoying. I’m glad it’s over”, said Shrader


As the year goes on, more trends will continue to come up at Davis, but eventually something always replaces it.