Key Club delivers Valentines for Operation Smile

Valentine’s Day is a time where couples show their love by purchasing small gifts for each other. These gifts can range from small stuffed animals, to chocolate, to romantic love notes. The Key Club, however, has found a way to turn this costly holiday into a fundraiser for various charities.

By setting up a table in the commons during lunch, Key Club members raise money for Operation Smile; a charity that provides money so that children in third world countries can get cleft palate surgeries.

“We’ve been doing this for five years,” said Mrs. McDonald, a counselor that helps with Key Club. “Most of the money does go to Operation smile, while a smart part of it goes to other service oriented projects.”

This booth that the Key Club has set up offers an opportunity for students, or parents, to have a Valentine delivered to whomever they choose. The valentines will be delivered during the school day on February 14th. This booth will be in the commons starting the first of February and up to the 13th. Stop by and purchase a gift to be sent to someone you love and help Key Club raise money for Operation Smile.