Wrestling conditioning is still in session, not too late to join team


Wrestling is among the more popular sports at Davis High, with just over 20 wrestlers and 14 weight classes, they are a successful team every year. Neal Porter, head coach of the wrestling team said, “We took 14th [in] a very prestigious tournament at Utah Valley University called The Rumble. There are 70 teams all over the western states and we [had] four place in the top 8 in their weight class.”  Wrestlers on the team have experience ranging from “first year on the team [to] starting in elementary school,” according to Junior, Christian Smith.

Conditioning started 5 months ago, a typical day of conditioning consists of “[running] a mile for warm ups, stretch afterwards, review [wrestling] moves, live wrestling, and running,” said Smith. Porter said, “Wrestling to me is the pursuit of being the best that you can be.” Smith agrees and said, “What makes a wrestler a good wrestler is dedication, determination, commitment, and heart.”

“We have a few wrestlers [that] are ranked high in State,” said Porter. Davis wrestling has four athletes that have placed in the top five in state in their weight class. Wrestling is a sport that takes dedication for the team as a whole. Porter said, “Wrestling is a select group of young men that have the ability to push themselves beyond any limits. They are tested physically mentally and emotionally molding boys into men. It is one of the hardest tests that anyone young man can do, and no other test reveals the innermost makings of a person. Those that can succeed in wrestling will be successful in all aspects of their life.”

Conditioning is still in session and it is not too late to join the team.