Davis High hosts 32nd annual Lovers Feast

The 32nd annual Lovers Feast will be held in the Davis High commons at 6:00 p.m. on February 14 and 15. Lovers Feast is a student run renaissance festival that the Madrigals, A Capella, Bell Choir, as well as girl, and boy choirs participate in. Students write the script, sew the costumes, perform the music, as well as set the stage.

“I’ve spent so much time on the show and put my hard work into it, sewing costumes and preparing, I can’t wait to see the reactions we get,” said Liz Pettit, choir student.

Ms. May relies heavily on the students to be involved in all aspects of the show. The theme of this year’s show has undertones of the Hunger Games, earning the name, The Lover’s Games. The festival is very interactive, the audience is involved with food fights and cheering.

“There will be a lot of surprises, including turkey legs being thrown, and there may or may not be a bit of rebellion among the tables,” said Pettit.

The choir classes have spent two months preparing for Lovers Feast and hope for a great turnout. “We transform the school. There is saw dust, a tower, drawbridge, banners, the cafeteria and lunchroom become a medieval dining hall,” said Pettit. The event is $25 a ticket, or $40 per couple. To purchase tickets, visit the DHS website: www.davis.k12.ut.us.