ACT prep classes offered during tutorial

Exactly one month from today, all juniors will be engaged in the crucial ACT test. Prep classes for the math, science, and English portions of the test will be offered during tutorial for the next three weeks to help student prepare.

“We just want to make sure students get a good opportunity to do well on the test and have the practice that they need,” said English teacher Jenifer Gold.

The English department is still deciding what will be covered during class. The Science teachers, however, have already developed a plan to make student’s time worthwhile. Chemistry teacher Mylei Zachman in room 2315 will be holding the class.

“I have different passages from ACT and were going to through as many as we can, and the different types, so students can see how they’re going to be asked questions and what to focus on and what to ignore,” explained Zachman.

If students are more anxious about the math portion of the test, they can attend one of three different classrooms holding the review. Meade in room 1308, Money in 2307, or Sheffield in 2408.