National Math Test challenges top 100 math students

The National Math Test was taken during fifth and sixth period on the fourth. Students who qualified had the opportunity to take the 25 question test and see how much they really knew.

The participants of the test were asked, most of them by their math teachers, to take it, but don’t really know what the test is for. “I just got a letter from my math teacher saying I’m in the top 100.

hundred students and said I could take the test. So I did,” said Brianna Burgess.

“It was really hard. I only answered ten of the 25 questions,” said Burgess. “It was a lot of taking things you already knew, and expounding on them and making them way more difficult.”

Adam Schank, another senior who took the test said, “Most people didn’t answer more than half the questions.

In the end the test seemed to be nothing but a reason not to go to morning classes. “It was nice to not go to fifth or sixth,” said Schank, “and it wasn’t going on any grade, so there was no stress.”

Burgess had a similar opinion on the test. “When I had answered the questions I could I was just like, ‘I’m done with this’ and packed up my things.”