DHS Spotlight: Simran Singh

If you ever find yourself walking in the hall and are slightly taken aback by a student with a small black turban on his head, you’ve just crossed paths with sophomore Simran Singh.

What is your religion?

It’s Sikh. it’s in India. The place where it’s most dominant is in a place called Punjab. And there’s five rivers and that’s why it called Punjab, that’s what it translates to. And it was like an important passageway into India. It’s a monotheistic religion, and the whole turban thing, covering your hair, you always connect it to God and you want to show respect.

So here, at Davis High, do you feel different than other people?

I’ve gotten use to it, and I don’t take offense when people ask me questions, and it’s completely okay with me if you want to come up and ask me. I feel like at first it’s a little different, but then people get to know you and they start liking you for your personality.

Do people treat you differently?

I’m guessing at first they probably did, subconsciously, or consciously, but they don’t admit it openly. But that’s how it always is at first. Normally I feel like when you first meet someone they’re always different then what they’ll end up to be, but I feel like it’s kind of natural.

Do you feel like you stick out at all?

A little bit, but there’s always that thing where everyone in the class knows who you are, because you’re different. You make a lot of friends that way, like a lot of people know you, whether or not that’s personal or they just know who you are. And that’s cool because you get to meet a lot of knew people that you normally would not have met. I feel a little different but you get used to it and it’s not that big of a deal if you don’t care that much.