Davis earns title of back-to-back state cheer champs

The Davis High cheerleaders compete in the 2014 Cheer Nationals March 28-30. The competition will be held in the Convention Center in Anaheim, California.The cheerleaders worked hard this year to qualify and prepare for Nationals by holding practices most days after school.

Many other teams prepare to attend the competition. “…From all over the country people will come…Definitely teams from Utah and California… The state teams who are the best go,” McKenna Hardy, a cheerleader, said.  Davis High’s cheerleaders travel to California in March to the 2014 Cheer Nationals because of their talent and determination.

After qualifying for Nationals the cheerleading team also won state on Saturday February 15, 2014 at Juan Diego High School. Candace Brock, a co-captain of the team, said that competitions are usually  “judged on your difficulty, so how hard your routine is; your execution, like how well you do it; your showmanship, like smiles, lifting, making eye contact with the judges, and then like there’s like usually an overall impression score too, and then on top of that there’s deduction.” Many things can cause a deduction so the team has to be very precise in their performance. The Davis High cheerleaders’ talent is evident based on their wins at strictly judged competitions.