Davis celebrates Chinese New Year with Chinese week

Dumplings, chopsticks, fortune cookies, and martial arts all play an important part of the Chinese Week celebration that has been going on this week, but the most critical part of these festivities are the Chinese students themselves.

Throughout the week, Chinese students have been participating and running various activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. “The entire Chinese second and third class students have been involved in the planning, the creating and the implementation of this fun event,” said Lisa Reed, Chinese Teacher.

Chinese students involved in the various activities of the week have enjoyed their opportunity to help and share their love of Chinese culture. “I love Chinese week,” said Senior Sierra Graham, president of the Chinese Club. “It’s kind of special because it’s for the Chinese New Year and so it only comes once a year… I really enjoy it. It gives like a full week to just experience Chinese culture.”

Junior Emma Call, a Chinese student, excitedly anticipated the arrival of Chinese week. “I’m very excited,” said Call. “It’s going to be fun! I’m going to help with chopstick races and I’m going to sell dumplings at lunch.” This is Call’s first year in Chinese at Davis, but she still has a love of learning about their culture. “I’m taking Chinese because I love learning about different cultures,” said Call.

Chinese students sharing their love of Chinese culture is one of Reed’s favorite parts of the entire week. “The best part for me, is watching my students interact with the students at DHS,” said Reed. “It is fun to watch my students’ eyes light up as they share their knowledge and passion for Chinese culture! I feel like this is the greatest reward as their teacher.”

Students have also been the motivation to keep the Chinese program at Davis alive. Reed said, “As a teacher, I am often told, ‘I didn’t know Chinese was being offered at Davis! I wish I could have taken that class.’ Due to funding cuts, this class has been offered only due to the relentless efforts and petitioning of my students and their families who fought to have Chinese offered these past two years. As a result, we have a group of highly-motivated students who are very excited to share their love and passion for Chinese with everyone at Davis High.”

Chinese students have worked hard to keep the tradition of a Chinese program and Chinese week alive, and will continue to share their love and appreciation for Chinese culture.