Students share pet peeves, both creative and unique

Pet peeves, everyone has one and most people have very different pet peeves. “We’re all different so you could have different pet peeves than the person sitting next to you,” sophomore Rachel Hansen said.  There are a lot of pet peeves. On there is a list of pet peeves that some people have.

  • “Uncomfortable chairs.

  • Chasing after a ping pong ball.

  • Jerks who take up 2 parking spaces.

  • Films censored and cut (for length) to be put on television.

  • When something I’ve been into for a long time becomes popular.

  • People who overuse quotes from movies or TV.”

Pet peeves can be almost creative because some seem so unique.

        People at our school have pet peeves. “Slow people,” sophomore Amy Ripplinger said. She has this pet peeve because “You’re walking in the hallway and someone in front of you is being really slow and you’re just like move.” In the classroom there are some common pet peeves. McKay Findlay has a pet peeve of people tapping their pencil on a desk but he believes that lots of people have this pet peeve.

        Students at Davis have pet peeves to do with food.“I have a pet peeve of chewing and breathing and it really irritates me when people breathe in and slosh their food around. It’s disgusting,” Sarah Tibbitts, a senior, said about her pet peeves. Senior Jake Smith said that “The majority of them have to do with like food.One of the things I hate is when I’m sitting in class and someone is opening their granola bar or reaching their dirty hands into a bag of chips and just crunching on ‘em.It just makes me want to die.”

Then there are the pet peeves that seem almost random to the people who don’t have them.

  • “I try not to step on grass after it’s been mowed. If I staple something and the stapler is not straight I’m going to have to like restaple it,”sophomore Arllie Klemish said about a few of her pet peeves.

  • Sophomore Izzie Briones has a pet peeve of untucked pockets.

  • Katlyn Cottrell is “really bugged when people borrow my pencils.”

Pet peeves don’t always make sense but they help our individuality. To most people it would be weird if we didn’t have things that make us tick.