The voices of Davis High celebrate 32nd annual Lovers Feast

Imagine sitting at a table in Davis’ lunch room during the Lover’s Feast, eating turkey legs right off the bone with neither forks nor spoons. Everyone is drinking wassail (pronounced wa-ss-le) and recorders playing renaissance-like music.The room is busy, bones are on the floor and people are laughing at the show’s comedic spoof of the Hunger Games.


“I think it was really fun to involve the audience this year as much as we did and I think that was probably the best part,” said Liz Pettit about her favorite part of the performance. The Bell Choir passed out forks in a rebellious act, ignoring the so called legend that forks were witch craft.


“I was the lady of the manor, Lady Swan,” said Kaija Willey, the ‘head gamemaker’ in the parody. With the rebellion and the feast, students, with or without dates, were able to enjoy a fun filled night of music, while using their hands and rebelling against the norm.


“My favorite part was having everything coming together and feeling confident about our script and, I guess, just having fun, like costumes were fun and the whole atmosphere was a really neat experience.” Willey t. Lover’s Feast is a great way to have a date, with a show and a meal within two hours at the same place. So, be prepared for when it comes next year.