Test prep aims to relieve students of anxiety and stress

The season of tests is coming, and with it a lot of stress and anxiety. Preparing for the ACT and the new SAGE test that will replace the old CRT will require hours of studying, but fortunately there are a couple of helpful tools.
sageportal.org, the website for the new end of level testing, has many options for test preparation, including a pre-test. Students can login in and take tests to see how these new end of levels will be, and prepare themselves for the change of pace.
This year, being the first year that SAGE testing, students be guinea pigs to see how well the test actually challenges them. If it does not reach the standards expected, then it will be revamped, or old testing will take its place.
The AP tests are also another test that a large portion of students will be taking. These are the tests that leave students exhausted and worn out, and maybe even a little cranky. A large relief off of student’s shoulders are the many test prep sites that are offered all over the internet, as well as help through teachers.
For the ACT that has come and gone there are those who studied long, and others that took it in stride to see how they’d do, but whether it’s the ACT, the new SAGE test, the AP tests, or all three, these last months of school will be testing our patience.