Teachers compete to lose weight and win bet

The teachers’ healthy weight loss challenge is in full swing, and teachers are getting competitive. Mr. Arquette, a teacher participating in the challenge is trying to secure his victory by taking other competing teachers candy and doughnuts.

“I decided to target Mrs. Coburn, and have a little competition there. She has been sending me candy for the past several weeks, so I decided to retaliate and take care of candy for her class during 6th hour,” Said Arquette.

Mrs. Coburn, another participant said, “My young friend [Mr.] Arquette, in his 6th hour class, he and his class came to my class, and brought seven dozen doughnuts, he then brought up the idea monkey see monkey do, he said ‘you see all of my students, you see all of your students eating doughnuts, would you like one‘ I nearly threw a fit, because he knows if I see food i’ve got to put it in my mouth, even if its not chocolate,”

One of the criteria for the challenge is not eating candy or sweets, Arquette has received candy for him and his classes from five different teachers. Arquette said, “There is a side bet for the competition between the teachers, but nothing too extravagant, mostly just pride, and bragging rights.” Mrs Coburn said. “I want to win and my competitive side is willing to cheat if i have to.”