Spring brings prints, pastels and daring silhouettes

Spring is on its way, and with spring comes spring fashion.

“Fashion follows life, and with such a happy atmosphere we like to interpret it into our clothes,” said Jake Smith, Senior.

Spring is coming and so are new trendy fads, but fashion is about being yourself, and spring fashion is the perfect way for people to express their uniqueness.

Fads accompany fashion- however it’s becoming trendy to stay away from fads.

Just because spring is coming does not mean that dark colors are going out of style.  Black is a very popular color, loved by many.  Spring does not take that popularity away.  Black is elegant, mysterious, and has a timeless, vintage feel.

Although black is always in style and very fashionable people still bring out their bright colored clothes.

“Colors this spring will be; tangerine, less mint, more yellow kind of like pastel knead red yellow.   The pastels this year will be a softer pastel, a neutral kind of pastel.” Said Mary Fisher, Senior.

Prints this spring will include floral, exotic birds, sunflower, and old classic art pieces and will be very prominent this season.

Shapes this spring will be classier.  Including; jumpsuits, bell-bottoms, overalls, and form fitting silhouettes will be boldly worn.

Spring style can be laid back and basic, like sneakers and jeans, or be more daring with exotic bird prints and form fitting silhouettes.