Sierra Hart wins first place in Davis High Science Fair

The students who participated in the science fair at Davis didn’t get much recognition for their hard work. They put so much of their time into their projects and the best of their efforts paid off. Each of these students did an amazing job and the judges were all very impressed with their work.

One of the students that stood out from others was sophomore, Sierra Hart. She has always shown an interest in physics. “I have a desire for learning and love science,” Hart said.

When she was assigned a term project in class she chose to base it on physics and spent the next three months working on it. Hart created a windmill generator using a 3D printer, then hooked it up to a motor and substituted a fan as her wind source. Hart then created a poster board, explaining her project and entered it into the Davis High Science Fair.

Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Laub, encouraged all of her students to enter the science fair and also offered extra credit for going the extra mile. “Sierra was outstanding. I was very, very, proud of her and she did a wonderful job,” said Laub.

The Davis High Science Fair was held on Jan. 25th and Hart won first place in the physics category. The judge that evaluated Hart’s project had his masters degree in physics and used a project similar to hers when he researched that topic. “She picked a really great topic. That judge really connected with her because he had a familiarity with it,” said Laub.