Lottery accepts 39 students; 98 can’t attend

Every year, several people who live outside of Davis High boundaries apply for variances.  “There’s a variance form that we have that parents can come and pick up.You have to turn it in by a certain date.This year the date was like February 22,” said administrator Rich Firmage. The forms for variances can be found in the Davis High School main office.

Seniors Trevor Wilkey and Emma Farley are two students who have applied and been accepted for a variance. “I wanted to be part of the football team and the lacrosse team so I thought it was good to come to Davis so I could be a part of that,” said Wilkey. Farley was also drawn to Davis due to the sports program. “Most of my friends went to Davis and I always wanted to play soccer here,” senior Emma Farley said.

Firmage explained that out of 137 students  only 39 are initially given a variance because the administration is only allowed to give the same number of variances as 1.5 percent of Davis High School’s total population. A majority of students who apply for a variance have their forms in a random lottery. He continued to explain that trading also occurs between the high schools in Davis School District so the total number of variances given are about 50.

A lot of people aren’t accepted to Davis because there wouldn’t be enough room or enough teachers for the added students. “They don’t give us any extra teachers for the extra students we take,” said Firmage.

If a student applied for a variance and was rejected the student can appeal to the district.  “And then as administrative assistants we go to an appeals meeting and we read all the appeals and why they want to be here and what the deal is,” Firmage explained.

Some students usually would not be chosen to receive a variance but “There’s some things that are automatic that they get to come here…If your parents work for the school district you get preferential treatment. That’s a perk for being a teacher. If they have a brother or sister that’s already here [they can attend Davis],” Firmage said.