Seniors say goodbye, reflecting on high school

This year’s seniors are saying goodbye to friends, family, faculty, and the building itself, but the memories gained from the various years of high school will never leave.

Sarah Hansen

Q. What have you learned throughout high school?

A. “That you don’t make everything, you can’t get into everything, and you can’t do everything. Sometimes you have to say no to yourself even though you want to do the stuff.”


Sarah has spent her years in high school loving the social life and artistic paths. Her favorite memories consist of long nights rehearsing and countless periods drawing. This year she stood out particularly because of a solo she sang in the school musical. Hansen has accepted $4000 worth in yearly scholarship from AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy)


Jenn Ball

Q. Who are some of the people you’re going to miss most?

A. “I could probably say every teacher I’ve ever had at Davis I’ll honestly I’ll really miss, because I really feel like all the teachers here really care a lot about you. I feel like all the adults are really my friends.


Q. What is a memory or moment that you will remember after you graduate?

A. “My last football game, I’ll remember even though we lost, I don’t know, I could just feel the Davis pride. I couldn’t help but think ‘I love Davis.’”


Jenn has kept herself busy throughout her high school career by participating in several groups and activities. Junior Committee, Senior Committee, the swim team, and the president of the FCCLA are only a few of her commitments in the last three years.


Logan Haviland

Q. What has been one of your favorite parts of going to school at Davis?

A. “Being able to meet someone new each day, having no idea who they were the day before.”


Logan’s main focus in high school has been his skill as a cross country runner. He has spent hours running, and, believe it or not, he enjoys it. It’s not difficult to find Haviland talking about what distances he’s run in the past week, or even how much he will run in the future. Haviland has been called on an LDS mission to LA, spanish speaking, and will leave in late July.