Elite athletes strive to complete The Brickyard Challenge


The brickyard challenge is a challenge where students have four different lifts and have to match or exceed 1300 pounds. Mason White, Junior at davis high has completed the challenge.  “You have power clean, deadlift, bench press, and squat, and you have to lift 1300 pounds within those four lifts,” said White. Junior, Nixin Janke, is wanting to complete the challenge. Janke said, “The [brickyard] challenge is something I can push myself to do and try to accomplish something that big, it would mean alot to me and would be a huge accomplishment.”


“To prepare for the challenge I have been lifting a lot and am having confidence that I can do [the challenge],” said Janke. To be passed off and have your name posted on the wall in the body conditioning room “you have to have a coach watch you and make sure you get 1300 pounds in those four lifts,” said White. 28 students have completed the challenge, Mason White and all other successful participants now belong to an elite group of athletes.