Question everything: the key to conspiracy

With every mysterious event that occurs in the world, there are questions and conspiracies to go along with it. Conspiracies are created when people question what they are told and find the answers for themselves.

Spanish teacher, Corey Borup, has believed in conspiracy theories since he was little. Borup said “I was raised on conspiracy theories, my father was someone that always taught me to question everything that you are told. [My dad] always told me ‘its better to debate a question without settling it, than settling it without debating it,’ thats the way i was raised.” Conspiracy theories are created by people who believe nothing they are told unless they research and find the answer themselves.

Borup said, “Doing my research on certain conspiracy theories, I have found that they aren’t really conspiracy theories they are conspiracy realities…I think we live in the matrix. The powers have created a world full of entertainment and full of media, and things to keep us all in a vegetative state so that we don’t think, so that we don’t question, and its because we are constantly entertained by everything around us. I believe that’s why people are so easily convinced that what we are told is reality instead of questioning what is reality” said Spanish teacher, Corey Borup.

A conspiracy theory is defined by as “a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups.”

Borup said “  “The JFK assassination, that was very convincing, that was a conspiracy to me based off of things that I have experienced, and studied…the more I research some of them, the more I realize they are a reality. Question everything, thats the key, you can’t believe everything you’re told,” said Borup.  A conspiracy theory is based off of visual knowledge, and researching anything that you do not believe.

Borup said, “The verdict is still out on sasquatch, but his kind could very well exist…I don’t know if he is a human being, I think it might just be a north american ape or something like that but there is something to the bigfoot story…I don’t think the government is covering up sasquatch but I think they are covering up everything else.”