First year teachers experience the traditions of Davis High

Davis High has had many amazing experiences this past school year, including a few new teachers. Sara Hewlett is one of these teachers, teaching Secondary Mathematics II and coaching the Girl’s Basketball team. She came from teaching at Central Davis Junior High to Davis High especially for, as she put it, her “basketball girls”.

Hewlett said, “[This school year’s] gotten better.” Some, but not all, of the teachers may not have known what they were getting themselves into. Others, however, were ready to jump head first into this school year as a new teacher, prepared to have a great time with new faces.

“I really enjoyed getting to know the kids,” Hewlett commented. It’s not hard to get lost in a sea of over a hundred of students in just one semester but Hewlett has grown close to her basketball girls and has loved seeing them in the halls and around the school.

There have been plenty of other new teachers this year, including Jan Hollist, Eric Gunn, Kellie Chapman, and more, who have all made a difference to the experiences of students at Davis High. Hollist teaches Secondary Mathematics II along with Hewlett. Gunn is the school’s newest Stage Coach director and teaches World Civilizations as well as US History. Chapman covers  Computer Technology and Financial Literature for a few class periods, and assists the FBLA advisor. Christa Staheli was the english teacher to fill in for Brianne Altice earlier this year.

These teachers may be new to Davis High, but they’ve already been welcomed to the traditions, and just like last year, there is soon to be more new teachers.