Junior committee strives to make prom The Greatest Story Ever Told

Every year, the Junior Committee plans the annual Junior Prom.

The theme—The Greatest Story Ever Told—was picked after the Committee made a list of songs and voted on the one they thought was best. The song, which will be sung by Tanner Linford, had to be one that was “easy to dance to with no bad words and had a [message] that was easy to work with,” said Ashley Paget, a Junior Class Officer and nominee for Prom Royalty.

Paget is “really honored” that she got nominated for prom royalty.  During the assembly on Wednesday, the other members of prom royalty will be announced. The announcer reads a short blip about the nominee’s life memories, goals, hobbies, etc. “They want it to be entertaining. I mean not that people are boring … but it should be good, hopefully I can think of entertaining things [about me]. I don’t really have an embarrassing moment—that one’s kind of hard.”

Paget is excited for this year because she thinks “it’ll be different and more special … last year there wasn’t a lot of anticipation because I got asked only the week before but now [I’ve been] thinking about it for a couple months so it’ll be special.”