Student body rely on juniors for a successful prom

Chalk drawings, an assembly, and Prom are only a few of the fun things planned for this week as the school celebrates Juniors. But this week has not come together magically — it has taken a lot of hard work from Junior Officers, members of Junior Committee, and their advisors to plan and prepare this eventful week.


Junior Class President Eliza Jackson has been working for months to prepare for this week. “I personally have put a lot of work into the assembly. It has taken a lot of work writing scripts, putting acts together, and doing practices in the mornings. I’m selling tickets as well, and just managing a lot of things and making sure that all the groups on committee are getting the stuff done that they need to get done so that things work out,” said Jackson.


Even with all of the advanced planning and preparation, there are still a lot of things to be completed to ensure a successful week. “It’s super busy! We’ve been here at 6:30 for the past week and a half every morning…I’ve lost a lot of sleep, [and] it’s just super busy being here before and after school coming right up to Prom and the assembly,” said Jackson.


After all of this preparation, Jackson is excited to see how all her hard work, and the work of the Junior Committee members and advisors, will pay off. Jackson said, “I’m excited for Prom and I think it means more just because I almost took [it] for granted before, but now that I’ve put in so much work and personal effort I’m excited to see how it will turn out.”