Boys don’t ask to prom: when’s an excuse a good one?


Davis High’s Prom is right around the corner yet there are plenty of girls that have still not been asked. Rather than waiting around for the boys to ask, some of those girls have decided to take the initiative and go stag.


Senior Class Officer, Scarlet Stevenett said, “Boys aren’t asking and the girls don’t want to miss out on their senior prom. So they’re going to go and have a good time and show those boys who’s boss. And I like that.” “You don’t need a date to have fun,” added Senior Mckenna Jensen.


There has been a lot of questioning, on the girls’ part, as to why boys don’t ask. There have been many who have said that they can’t attend prom because they are saving for their LDS missions. Austen Loertscher is a new student at Davis High and was kind enough to share from a male’s point of view. “Mission Calls is just an excuse. I mean I could come up with any excuse. My grandma’s dying. That’s an excuse,” said Loertscher.


Stevenett asked Loertscher what the real reason was behind it all. “Why lie about why you can’t go to prom?”


Loertscher answered, “There are some guys, like me, that have the little girl inside come out and say, ‘You can’t go. You shouldn’t ask.’ It’s just a nervous thing. Guys get scared when girls talk to them.”


Though Loertscher has just recently started attending Davis High, he has been able to learn what ‘Living the Legend’ truly means. “Yes, prom is expensive, but you’ve gotta make it fun. You’ve got to make it a memory, make it last, so you can say ‘I went to that.’”