Men in Tights: game day fashion

You might have noticed students walking around the halls wearing Spandex. This is due to the tradition of dressing in silly fashions on game day.  Davis Owen a Captain of the soccer team said “Show off our legs, make a point that we have the best legs in the city. You know what I’m saying?” in a joking manner, “I don’t know I keep getting the double takes.”

A planned universal outfit for the team, conjured up by the team leaders, Davis said with a grin on his face “I don’t know who originally thought of it, It was me, [Tyler Bishop], Souli, Nate Ferguson and Isaac Olsen. We were just talking about it in practice and we thought it would be funny.”


A funny idea is hard to play along with when you have to wear Spandex in public, Connor Bird, soccer player said, “I waited for five minutes in my car, I waited for another soccer player to come by so I didn’t have to walk in by myself.” also rather grudgingly admitted “It’s a little uncomfortable, but I’m comfortable with my body. Nah it’s I think it’s funny.”


Now that they have done spandex what’s next? Only time will tell.