Students and teachers strive to find a balanced end of year work load

With the end of the school year coming close, students are starting to get the homework and school work piled on while the teachers are trying to cram in any last bit of information students may need for the end of level test beginning in May. Some students wonder why the teachers have decided to put this much work on them, others are just totally zoned out of the world of school.

As students decide how to cope with this much homework, teachers keep planning lessons and test in order to have everything finished on time. So does all of the work actually pay off when it comes to end of level tests and AP test? Or is it just another thing to keep students busy until school’s out?

As a student, I think that the teachers are smart in giving us the work we need to be ready for our hard tests at the end of the year, that does not mean to over do it though. When testing is over and there is still a few weeks left in school, teachers do not need to be giving extra work just to keep students busy. The balance between too much and too little school work can be hard to find, but there a right and a wrong time to give that work.