Matthew Barrett replaces Angela Leedy as girls Lacrosse coach


Angela Leedy, lacrosse coach and US History teacher at Davis High was fired from her coaching position and replaced by Matthew Barrett. The team is hopeful of making state with their new coach.
Kaylee Horne, goalie for the Davis High lacrosse team said, “There is a lot more to her just being [fired] than people think.” The board president Bryn Potter declined to comment on why Mrs. Leedy was fired. The board said, “…because of our appreciation and respect for those that have given of their time and efforts for the Davis Girls Lacrosse program, the interim board members respectfully decline to comment on the changes.”
Horne said, “We have a new coaching staff in place and we have been working with them for [the past] week. I personally think he is perfect for what this team needs right now, but I think Leedy was great for what we’ve needed in the past years. We are focusing hard on getting to state right now, and hopefully we will get there with him.”