Q&A with Coach John Flint, retires after 29 years at Davis

Q: Why have you decided to retire at the end of this year?

A: “My wife is having some health issues and I’m about at the maximum advantageously. I just want to spend some time with her, that’s about it.”


Q: What are you doing after retirement?

A: “We still have a little small farm I’ll be affiliated with. We also have a cabin up in Island Park we’ll be fixing up and spend some time up there with the grandkids, we’ll have plenty to do I’m sure.”


Q: What are some of your favorite memories from your Davis High teaching career?

A: “By far working with the students. The relationships you create in the classrooms and out on the driving range. Seeing them progress and accomplish themselves, that’s what it’s all about.”


Q: How long have you taught at Davis High?

A: “All together I’ve taught for 40 years, i’ve been here for 29 years. I taught for 11 years at Clearfield High School.”


Q: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

A: “I don’t know if I have a legacy. I’m just grabbing my walker and getting ready to head out the door.”


Q: Do you have any regrets in your teaching career?

A: “You know, not really. We’ve worked hard and hopefully we’ve improved things for students and hopefully helped them out. Looking back I don’t really see a lot of negatives.”


Q: Overall, did you enjoy your teaching career?

A: “No question I loved it. I’d do it again.”