Student talents are highlighted through fine art, photography, and digital media in 3rd annual art show


The third year of Davis High School’s art show is underway. Davis’ art exhibition has been a highlight for art students looking to get recognition for their talents.”I don’t know an exact number of how many students are entered, but it’s always enough to fill the boards.” said Mr. Aitken, arts teacher at Davis High.


In the art show there are three categories of art; these categories are fine art, photography, and digital media. Each category has a supervisor. For digital media it’s Mrs. Greenwood, for fine art it’s Mrs. Ashbridge, and photography is conducted by Mr. Oram. The fine art category consists of jewelry, painting, and drawing. Digital Media is composed of digital illustrations done in photoshop, video editing, and 3D graphic and illustration and a new category this year is interactive art such as student created video games.

Though there is no monetary prize, entries from each category will get a ribbon. On top of that, the top entries in the digital arts category will be able to move onto the Utah Digital Media Arts Festival. At the festival they will compete against other Utah artists showcasing their work.