Chad Sims, Northridge coach is named boys basketball coach for 2014-2015 school year


Coach Welk, Athletics Director and boys basketball coach, will no longer be coaching the basketball team at Davis High. His replacement Chad Sims, Coach of the Northridge High School boys basketball team said, “I have coached with and against Davis High School and they always have great players.  They have competed in state championships. They have a great faculty and administration that I want to be a part of. “

Sims wants to gradually work in some changes on the basketball team. Sims said, “We will not change things too much in the beginning.  I am sure that the players will adapt to any changes that we make along the way.”

Sims wants to not change the team too much at first, he said “We will continue to stress the fundamentals of basketball that Coach Welk has done for so many years, but we will have some different wrinkles in our offensive and defensive strategies. I am not going to try and be Coach Welk.  He is a great teacher and coach, but I am going to try to be the best Coach Sims in the classroom and on the court.” Slight changes is what helps the team to gradually work together and become comfortable with a new coach.

Sims said, “I am extremely passionate about creating opportunities for our student athletes to compete at the highest level of high school basketball.  I have been a head coach in Region 1 for ten years.  I know the coaches and players that we will compete against.  I think that is an edge.”

Sims said he “will finish [his] teaching assignment at Northridge High through this school year,” and “will be working with the basketball players very soon.”