Davis hosts 19th annual Psych Bowl, placing fourth

On Saturday the 19th, AP Psychology students from across Davis County swarmed to Davis High to participate in the Psych Bowl. With eight students per team, they frantically raced to win the competition. The winners received their names on a trophy, given to the teachers, while students received cash prizes.


There were two rounds per student. First, students were asked to calculate complex answers on a whiteboard. Second they raced to be the first to press the buzzer and answer a question.


Although Davis did not take home the trophy or the cash prize this year, the students received a great review.

“The benefit of this is not the competition, the benefit would actually refer to the idea that we get a chance to review all the material that deals with the exam,” said Pamela Coburn, this year’s retiring AP Psych teacher. Along with the entertainment, students received an “elegant” review, as Coburn put it, for the AP test.


The crowd was filled with students of all kinds, mostly those enrolled in AP. Most of the teachers offered extra credit for the students to motivate and support their peers while others were required to go. Coburn offers extra credit for her students, but the ‘gal’ in Layton, Coburn said, “insists that the kids come or they’ve got a worksheet that makes up for it.” But either way, “[The Psych Bowl] becomes something different in the hands of each of the teachers.”