Rich Swanson fills the slot of principal after Dee Burton’s retirement

This year is the last of many for Dee Burton’s role as a principal, opening up the opportunity for Rich Swanson, current principal of Sunset Jr. High, to fill the slot.

After working as a teacher at both Bountiful Jr. and Clearfield High, Swanson moved to Fairfield Jr. to be an assistant principal, then back to Clearfield, also as an assistant principal. After working as an administrator at Clearfield Swanson moved to Sunset Jr. to be the principal, where he is now finishing his last month before transitioning to Davis.

“I’m the type of administrator that’s out in the halls with students, that’s where I’m at, that’s why I went into administration, to be with students, I love to be at the activities,” said Swanson. This will be a dramatic change in principal to student relations, since Assistant Principal, Rich Firmage, is the administrator who currently has the most interaction with students. Swanson also said, “I just love to be with students, so, to me, being with students, hanging out with students beats being in an office any day.”

Swanson is excited to come to Davis, a “phenomenal school.” With his long track record of teaching and administrating, Swanson is confident in his abilities. He brings with him his diverse skills when interacting with different situations and students. “I bring a great love for students. A passion to help all students, regardless of their background.”

While the school is full of Davis High Pride, so is Swanson, even though he hasn’t yet spent a lot of time here. His excitement for his up and coming job could be sensed in his words, “It doesn’t matter what school you’re from, this is the top school that you’re going to find anywhere around.”