Standard Examiner’s Battle of the Bands showcase Davis talent

The Standard Examiners’ Battle of the Bands takes place at 7 p.m. on May 9 in the Ogden Amphitheater. Tickets for the performance are $5 pre purchased and $8 the day of. Online tickets can be bought at


The band that will represent Davis High School is called Cerulean. The members of the band are seniors Tate Pearce, Christian Sonderegger, Blake Johnson, and Nuno Oliveira.

The judges of the Battle score the bands in a certain way. Oliveira, the bassist, said one aspect of scoring is technicality. Sonderegger also plays a guitar in Cerulean and he stated that audience participation is a big part of the scoring process . Johnson, the drummer, added that your stage presence, “how excited you look,” is also part of grading the bands.


The band who wins The Battle of the Bands receives a $2000 prize. Pearce, the lead singer and keyboard player, said that publicity will be an added bonus if they win. Sonderegger said, “You can go work with some recording studio for a day,” as a part of winning the Battle.

Cerulean has been performing together for about a year and plays a variety of music. Any peer support the night of the show would be appreciated by Cerulean.