The Fault in Our Stars–“It’s a metaphor.”

The Fault in Our Stars--Its a metaphor.

“It’s a metaphor see. You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but don’t give it the power to do its killing.”


Hipsters, nerds, and jocks have all heard the quote. Seen it on t-shirts, bags, shoes, posters, it’s basically plastered across the United States. The only question remaining, is why?


In January of 2012, a young adult fiction writer named John Green published a book titled The Fault in Our Stars. In the last two years there have been nearly one million copies of this book sold. With the wide phenomenon that this book has produced, a movie is finally making its way to the big screen.


The Fault in Our Stars is a love story with a shocking twist. Hazel Grace Lancaster, the heroine of the story has cancer in her lungs, but this novel is a story involving cancer, without being about the cancer. Hazel meets Augustus Waters, and they realize that this will be their first and last love.


Emotionally charged the book often leaves its readers in tears. Will the movie be held to this same standard? Charlotte Poe, a senior at Davis High, had her own thoughts about a movie being made about the book.

“I just feel like the small moments in the book will be taken out of the movie.” Charlotte said.


With such an emotionally charged book, it’s no wonder that people are questioning how well the movie will be made. Although John Green was close by during all of the filming, the true judges will be the fans that have read and reread the book more times than they can remember.


“I do, Augustus. I do.”