The AP Extremist, David Teuscher is enrolled in 8 AP classes

This time of year there are two words that many students constantly have on their minds: AP tests. After school reviews, last minute cramming sessions, and frequent practice tests plague these students as they prepare to take their AP tests. For most students, one, two, perhaps three of these intense courses have been a part of their schedule for the past nine months, but for AP extremist Senior David Teuscher, all eight of his classes this year have the letters AP in front of them.


For Teuscher, AP classes are much better than normal classes. “I don’t like normal classes,” said Teuscher, “they’re too easy for me… If I’m in a normal class it’s not as challenging because it adjusts more for all skill levels, whereas AP classes will adjust for people who learn quicker and that’s kind of where I am. I get bored really quickly, and if I get bored I don’t pay attention at all.”


Even with eight AP classes, Teuscher still finds time to be involved in activities outside of school. He plays rec baseball, Ultimate Frisbee with the school, is a member of Key Club, and also attends early morning seminary and participates in other church activities. “I find the time for [extracurricular activities] and get my homework done, but it’s pushing it a lot of the time,” said Teuscher. “If other people were to do it, they probably wouldn’t have as much time and probably would not choose to do the other things as well, but I like to do those other things, so I do that and push my homework to the last minute.”


Because of these additional activities, Teuscher frequently has had to sacrifice sleep to get everything done. “I stay up late a lot. Especially during AP review weeks. I get between 4 and 5 hours of sleep every day,” said Teuscher.


While most AP students are full of nerves and stress about their upcoming tests, Teuscher feels very prepared. “I’ve been studying throughout the year and a lot of [my AP tests] are actually connected to each other, so stuff I learn in one class also connects to others…between all of them it shouldn’t be so bad.”

When all of his AP tests are finished, Teuscher will be preparing to leave on an LDS mission to Russia. After his mission, Teuscher is planning on attending BYU on a full-ride renewable scholarship. He hopes to go into statistics or economics and is thinking about becoming a seminary teacher.