Selma Inspires Viewers

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    Selma directed by Ava DuVernay, is a truly inspiring movie. It has the ability to grip you with emotion and make you become entangled in the true to life events that took place in Selma Alabama, 1964.

    The movie follows the famous Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his peaceful protests in order to achieve true race equality. Due to a cast of mostly African-American actors/actresses who themselves have been affected by the civil rights movement, the film and its characters were very real. The cinematography of the film is brilliant. Using actual logs by the White House with which they kept tabs on Dr. King’s whereabouts, it gave real backing to the legitimacy of the film.

    Powerful southern style music and moving Alternative music seemed like the obviously correct soundtrack which was used.

    Action inside of the picture was scarce, but when it happened it was like a brick wall of unethical deeds had hit you in the face and I found myself cringing at the ruthless beatings the protestors had gone through. Mostly it was very informational and what moved you was the cold hard facts. The truth about what the black people of the south had gone through. Not too harsh of language throughout the film yet there was two foul words that I saw unnecessary to the story. If that keeps you from seeing the movie that is the choice you will have to make.

    All and all a very well put together film that will leave you inspired to strive to become the best person you can be to everyone regardless of any race, gender, religion or status.