Why Cross Country?


The Boys XC team anxious to start

Cross country is said to be one of the hardest sports out there. this week we interviewed both a male and a female varsity athlete. On the amel side we interview Nate Iverson (Nivo), and on the Female side we interview Alicia Halverson. We asked his three simple questions first Why did you choose cross country over all of the other sports out there? Second, How is the team looking this year? Third, What are your guys season plans?


On the boys side, for the first question “Why Cross Country?” Nate Iverson said that really the only reason he started running cross country was because he had friends that were on the team. then for the second question “How is the team looking this year?” he said that the boys team is looking very strong this year. In their race on 8/25/18 they took aclose second behind the number 5 team in the Nation. And for the last question “What are your season plans?” He responding with “we want to win region, and state. one big goal for the team is to also qualify for Nationals.”


On the girls side,


On 8/29/18 There was the pre region cross country meet. Due to the race coming p on 8/30/18 Coach Timothy decided to not race the top 5 guys and top 4 girls. So he got to put some of the JV boys and girls into the varsity races. Both teams performed very well. The boys started out fast, but held it. the Varsity boys won the race led by Sophmore Daniel Larsen.