2018-2019 Parking Passes

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End of term grind
January 7, 2019

Alyssa Seager

West Parking lot

Welcome back darts! Its a new year, a new semester and we all know what that means… parking passes. They are one of the most valued school supplies you can buy and they go fast. If you don’t get one you are going to have to park on sophomore road(sorry not sorry sophomores).

To get your hands on one, you need to go into the office and grab one of the “Davis High Student Parking, First Semester 2018-2019” papers. Once you do that, all you have to do is fill it out and pay $5 to the office. They will then hand you your sweet, sweet pass…but if only it was that simple. You must make sure you have a few things done and cleared before you can get yours. This includes:

  • You cannot have any fees or fines due
  • Have NO U’s
  • No F’s
  • Cannot buy one as a sophomore
  • Only one per family

Once all of those are cleared, you then can buy a pass. After you get a pass there is a few things you will want to know. Like with all things, you must be responsible or you will have consequences. Having a parking pass comes with many responsibilities and rules.

  • Pass must be placed on rear view mirror, if not it’s a $15 fine
  • Do not park in a handicap spot or in restricted areas or else it’s a $25 fine
  • If you are parked improperly or do not show pass, $15 dollar fine
  • You CANNOT resell, make, or steal a parking pass or you will lose your pass, receive a “U”, and receive a $25 fine.

Other then all of that, getting a pass is easy and leads to a much more enjoyable year!