What is the “Mob”?

Scott Swain

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What is the Mob?

If you asked someone off the street what the mob was, you’d probably get an answer having to do with the criminal underground. At Davis high, it’s something entirely different. The mob is what people call Davis High’s student section at sporting events. Every school has a student section, so what makes the mob special?

Who better to ask about the mob than the captain himself? When asked what the mob was, Garrett Cisneros said, “The mob in its entirety is everyone in our student section. If you come support at the games, you’re in the mob.” The mob is massive, with students filling up the stands even at away games. The student section is the perfect example of the immense Davis High pride that our students have.

The mob is a place where social classes disappear. Garrett Cisneros stated that, “When you’re at the game, everyone is together, everyone can feel like they belong.” Frequent member of the mob, Josh Tagge, said that “the people and the intensity we have” make the mob special. There’s nothing like being surrounded by people you barely know, screaming and cheering together as one united force. The only thing that matters at that point is that Davis must win.

When you ask around about people’s favorite part of the mob, many will respond that they love the rowdy chant at half time. For those of you that have never been to a game, baby powder is handed to everyone in the mob and thrown into the air creating a cloud. It has been a tradition for years and Garrett Cisneros said that “This year, we’ve already had one of the best rowdy chants in Davis High history.” Those few seconds standing in the cloud are crazy and exciting. It’s easy to see why so many students love this tradition.

The mob is clearly a fun place to be, but it is also an essential part of the game. Practically everybody knows about the “Home court advantage” and how it can affect the players. Simply put, the positive energy from the crowd can help the people on the field or court perform better. Garrett Cisneros said, “When you have a good crowd there to pick you up and hype you up, I know you play better.” The more people in the mob cheering for the team, the better the team is going to perform.

If you’re sitting at home on a game night, come join the mob. The crazy environment is a blast and you’re practically guaranteed to have a good time. Not only that, but your presence will help the team do better. Even if you aren’t into sports, it’s still a party. According to Garrett Cisneros, “Every game will be better than the last.” So don’t waste your night, go cheer in the mob.