How to Get Your Teachers to Like You!

Robin Nelson

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How to Get Your Teachers to Like You!

We all want to be liked, there’s no denying it. Everyone at school has their group of friends who like them and think everything they do is funny, but when it comes to teachers, that’s a different story. There’s always that one teacher that just doesn’t seem to like you for reasons unknown to you. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get on their good side.  This is always frustrating because if a teacher doesn’t like you then a lot of times they aren’t willing to help you get a good grade out of the class. Lucky for you, there’s a solution! If you want a better chance at getting on the good side of your teachers, there’s a few things you can try that will help you out. In my experience, with teachers it’s all about respect, the way you talk to them, how you act in their class, your work ethic in class, and knowing when to stop talking.  

Think about those classes where you just can’t help messing around because you have friends, or it’s an easy class, or the teacher isn’t very strict. Usually these classes are ones where teachers will get frustrated with students because nobody is listening or being respectful. If this is the case, the teacher would definitely be grateful if you actively tried to get people around you to listen, or if you showed them that you’re paying attention and willing to get something out of the class. If you’re being disrespectful to any teacher, chances are that’s the reason you’re having a hard time getting on their good side. When you change that behavior, teachers tend to like having you in class. However, for some people this may not be the case. You might feel like you are always respectful to your teachers and still can’t get on their good side. If just changing how respectful you are isn’t completely working, there are a few more things you can try in addition to this. 

Teachers have a certain way they like to be spoken to. Once you figure that out about a teacher, it can help you towards getting them to like you more. If you’re talking to a teacher and trying to get help with something, try to ask them in the politest way you can think of. When you’re asking for help its usually because you’re frustrated with an assignment or your grades. Just speaking your mind to your teacher when you feel like this is not the way you want to go. Instead, take a deep breath, and despite any anger you’re feeling, speak to the teacher in the politest manner you can. When you ask any questions and you are polite and open to what the teacher says back, they are going to be more likely to help you. Think of it if you were the teacher. Would you want to help someone who was rude and immediately started accusing you of messing up their grade? Or would you want to help someone who kindly informed you that they are not satisfied with something and would like to do what they could to improve? One more important thing to remember is that if the teacher doesn’t end up helping exactly the way you were hoping for, try not to say upsetting things to them. In my experience, saying “That’s okay, I understand. Thank you.” is the best way to go. Always taking the time to be polite, even when things don’t go your way, will reflect well on you in their eyes. When you take a minute to really think about how you talk to your teacher, they are going to be more likely to help you and see you as an earnest, respectful student. Which in turn leads to you being on their good side.  

On the flip side of knowing how to talk to your teachers, you also need to know when to stop talking. Knowing when to stop talking and how you act in class go hand in hand. Being somewhat well behaved in class is a great way to get teachers to like you. If you listen and pay attention when they ask you to, and work when they tell you to work, they’ll take notice. I’m not saying you have to become this “perfect angel student who never does any wrong,” you can still have fun and talk to your friends. Basically, try to be a little more in tune with when you need to be paying attention, when you can relax and have fun with your friends, and when you need to stop talking. For example, interrupting a teacher while they’re teaching is not a great way to get on their good side. Raising your hand to tell a random story that doesn’t relate to class while the teacher is in the middle of a lecture is also not a good way to go about that. Again, knowing when to stop talking is mostly about reading what’s going on in the room. If you can tell the teacher seems agitated, that’s a great time to stop talking. Once you learn how to read the room and figure out when it’s a good time to talk and when it isn’t, teachers will notice and put you in their good books. 

One more thing I’ve learned that will lead to you getting on your teacher’s good side is having a good work ethic. If you slack off in class, never turn in assignments, and blame everything but yourself, teachers aren’t going to like that. I understand that school can be rough and that you may not always want to do your work. But I promise that if you work hard in a class, the teacher will notice. I know that everybody’s version of working hard is different, and teachers know that too. No two students learn the same, work the same, or act the same. But if you put in your best work and try your hardest to succeed, teachers can tell. They love when students actively work to succeed, even if it’s extremely hard for them. If you keep pushing through, take responsibility for yourself, try your best to turn assignments in on time, study for tests, and do anything you can to succeed and get the best grade you can get, teachers will see that work ethic and put you in their good books. They want to help us get the most out of our education, and if they see a solid work ethic, they will respect that. Showing a solid work ethic is a great way to get on a teacher’s good side. 

What it all comes down to is really taking a look at the way you are acting in class and speaking to your teachers. If you start to show more respect, remember to be polite, and work a little harder, your teachers are going to react positively. I recommend trying out a few of these tips with a teacher whose good side you are struggling to get on.