Favorite Classes

    After many interviews and much research we can now determine the favorite and most well liked classes this year determined by the students of Davis high school. This will include past favorites and new, as well as interviews from the students. Keep in mind this is off student opinion and may change.


    The classes down to the ones people mainly knew and the sophomores who explored the new classes. ”

    “My favorite class is theater because you get to create and have fun, says sophomore Kayla gage.

    “Drawing is mine I always have been an artist and have my own art page”  says senior and friend Jayden nelson.

    It appears that arts are very popular and well liked by the students.  The arts program is loved mainly because of the thought of being individual and showing original art and creations.


    English and music have also been very well liked, this includes journalism and creative writing. These classes have been well liked for years and are known for stretching thought and ideas. The concept of writing itself is a way for the students to express themselves and show how writing is as good as art. Another class is band, as we all know last year our band went to New York and the places they get to go is actually quite fascinating not only do they go other places but compete against other bands and schools. A good 7 of the kids I was able to speak with loved English as well because of their love for reading and literature rather writing.


    However the favorite class seems to be art, with music close behind the reason being most kids would rather take this class and have more freedom or fun than a class such as math or science. (That wasn’t a jab at either class, we love you too but the students prefer arts.) The programs at Davis are very fun and creative and you indeed get to expand your horizons through them.