Club Spotlight: Debate- Whats all the Arguing about?


    When someone says debate team, what do you think of? A group of teenagers yelling and arguing with each other?  Maybe you picture a legislative assembly? In this article you will get the facts from members of the debate team as well as the instructor.  

    The Speech and Debate team here at Davis is taught by Mrs. Hendricks. When asked, she described debate as, “Public speaking and arguing,” Member Alex Arnesen explained, “So it’s not all about arguing with other people, there are many ways to be part of the team. There are events where you prepare a speech and present that, or you are given a topic and thirty minutes to research it then you give a speech.” The speech and debate team meet as a class and then hold additional meetings on A days after school in Mrs. Hendricks classroom. “The class serves as a training period,” explained Mrs. Hendricks. I was also informed that you can join the debate team even if you aren’t in the class. The debate team starts competing in October and goes until March. Some of the returning members from past years include Trevor Schwab, Wyatt Ko, Lexi Smith, Jackson Ridges, Jake Sims and Erin McGrath.  When asked about how he thinks the debate team will compete this year Alex commented, “We’re going to do great, hopefully win we can win region.”