Mens Fashion Tips

Trevor Schwab

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Its that time of the year again my friends, when the temperature goes from 40 degrees on one day and 90 on the other. The time of the year when pumpkin spice reigns supreme and everyone acts like we dont want to go trick or treating anymore. This can be a weird transition time from summer to winter fashion, but have no fear my friends, because it is finally fall, so we can really start dressin’.

First, we should should start with the basics, socks. The majority of the time socks are a majorly overlooked part of our wardrobe but oftentimes they can make or break the outfit. These are the donts for socks.

  • Don’t wear knee high socks with shorts
  • Do not wear white socks with black dress pants

Next we’ve got the pants, a part of your wardrobe that you NEVER want to forget, well at least at school, you do you anywhere else I guess.  There are no real donts with pants, but there are some things that you would want to typically avoid.

  • Wearing anything that violates school dress code
  • Forgetting your pants

Now that we have pants out of the way, we move onto the shirts. As you’ve noticed so far, we have been pretty leniant on the dos and donts of fashion, and shirts are no different. As Drake once said “We’re here for a good time, not a long time”, so lets get on to the donts of fall shirt fashion:

  • Dont violate dress code

Now as you can see there has been a pattern developing in these donts of fall fashion, because the fact of the matter is that everyone has their own definition of “style”, and no ones definition is necessarily wrong. The great thing about our school is that for the most part it allows students to express their own kind of syle, as long as it follows the school dress code. That being said, theres no problem with thinking outside of the box, or taking other fashion risks that many others may not want to do. The moral to the story is you should wear what makes you, you because in the end clothes are what can separate us from the crowd, or help us blend in. So you do you.