Senior Op-Ed: What I wish I would’ve known my Sophomore Year

Grace Barker

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While looking back at my Sophomore year and now being a Senior I think of the things I could have done differently. I wish I could go back with the knowledge I have now and tell my sophomore self to slow down, these next three years will go faster than you know. You only get three years with the people you are in high school with and each one of your peers has different knowledge and experience that you could learn and hear about. After high school it is unlikely that you’ll ever see them again so make sure to meet and befriend everyone you can. Tiffani Witt said, “spend less time on trying to fit in and spend more time on trying to be more you.” This is a very important lesson to learn. In high school when you don’t have the same style or listen to the same music, you are often viewed as weird. I can tell you from experience that weird is okay! Learning to love yourself for you and what you like is much more important than being normal and fitting in.

In the love department Parker Jones, “wishes that he would have true darted less girls.” He goes on to say that he regrets not choosing a girl that is more special to him. Id tell any sophomore not to be in any long-term relationships. It limits you from more typical high school experiences. In high school people should date around and not commit unless they are 100% sure they want to be with them. Dating will allow you to meet new people and find what you want and not want in your future companion.

Academically, knowing what you want to do is very helpful. I did not know what I wanted to do so I took random classes but now that I know what I want to do I wish I would’ve taken classes that would give me more knowledge on the subject I want to major in. I see the stress in so many sophomores and I wish they would calm down and take a breath. Everything will work out! Showing up to class and trying is one of the best lessons that I’ve learned the hard way.

Sophomores, you are young. High school is only three years out of your entire life. If it is bad now it will get better. Do things that make you happy! Try new things and just send it. Just know that next year will be harder so live up the easy sophomore year. 😉