What it Really Means to be a Dart

Daring to be a dart and daring to be your best

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January 7, 2019
What it Really Means to be a Dart

Davis High School is filled to the brim with phrases like “dart pride” and “defend the tradition”. The school spirit that darts possess is nearly unrivaled– but what does it really mean to be a dart? The SBO’s have provided an excellent answer to that question in this year’s “Dare to be a Dart” theme.

“We wanted to ask the question ‘What does it mean to be a dart?'” Explains Jeremy Whitaker from the student council. “Each student brings something unique and original to ‘dart’, in addition to our tried and true traditions that are such an integral part of Davis High.” Whitaker goes on to list certain qualities that a dart shows daily. These included a pride in Davis (“Even though the colors aren’t so popular,” he jokes), a willingness to attend games and events, and a supportive attitude towards fellow students. “There is no concrete definition for what it means to be a dart… the definition changes based on every single person at our school, who each contribute something new and interesting to the word and to the school as a whole!”

Seniors Ellie Lundgreen and Klarrissa Hugh also had something to say on the subject of darthood. “Most important is definitely to be hard working,” Lundgreen states confidently. She explains that Davis has a reputation of being the best in a lot of areas, and defending that reputation means putting in the work. Hugh agrees with the importance of hard work, but adds that a dart should also “Be a good person. Your success and your goals don’t matter unless you have a basis of what’s right… bullying doesn’t get you anywhere. Grades are important, but your experiences at Davis are what will stick with you.”

Davis does have a prevalent reputation of being one of the best schools in America. We were ranked the #1 best public school in Utah by US News and World Report in 2018. We certainly have some of the best teachers and staff, and our competitive teams are top notch. It’s very easy to be proud of, but it can be a bit overwhelming for some students. If Davis is the so called “best”, then shouldn’t a dart emulate that? The answer is yes– but no student needs to push themselves to be the best in the state. A dart should always push to be their personal best, in sports, academics, social life or any other school activities. That doesn’t mean that to be successful students have to be better than everyone else, only better than they’ve been in the past.  A dart is someone who works hard to push past their own boundaries. As Jeremy Whitaker says, a dart does not stay in their comfort zone.

So what is a dart really? They’re a student at Davis High School who pushes themselves to be their very best. They’re kind, supportive and friendly people. Darts are the kind of people that you’re happy to see in the hallways. They’re positive influences on their communities and shapers of the future. Davis has a legacy of success, and darts uphold those traditions while adding to them more layers of good traits.

“One thing that I want people to take away from this theme is that they are darts.” Whitaker concludes. “We are all darts. So let it be a unifier, and let it bring us together as a school, and as a student body. We are the top school in academics, many sports, robotics, and many other things. There is so much success in Davis, so let’s let that success unite us!”