The Spotlight on Bradley Chapple

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Mr. Chapple began his life in Ogden, Utah, being the youngest of 7 siblings. He graduated from Ogden High School and decided to continue his education at Weber State University. He got his undergraduate in Social Science teaching and finished his education and got his Master’s Degree in educational leadership. He got married a few weeks before his first semester of college. All of his schooling took place during night classes because he worked full time during the day. Mr. Chapple decide to work in high school because “ I have always loved high school. Some of my favorite people and best role models were teachers. I’m still close to some of my favorite teachers. When I started school it just made sense to become a teacher.” Said Mr. Chapple. Not only is Mr. Chapple an assistant principal but he is also a father, which he says is his proudest accomplishment. In his spare time he likes to spend time traveling with his family, go fishing(especially fly fishing), and going on motorcycle rides. Mr. Chapple and his family still love Weber State and are proud season ticket holders for football and basketball.


Mr. Chapple wants our school to be a comfortable learning environment  “Academics are important” he says “but I’d like to see our students focus on making Davis High School a comfortable place for everyone. High School is tough enough without all the added drama.  I hope we go out of our way to make people feel more comfortable, to invite the kid that sits alone to join us at lunch, to make everyone feel like they are a part of the DHS family. “ Its reasonable to say that Mr. Chapple sees the potential for unity in our school. We can make our school better by being good students. According to Mr. Chapple “A good student is someone that stands up for what is right, a good student doesn’t have to necessarily be at the top of their class, but a good student makes others around them happy by looking for the positive in other people, rather than focusing on the negative.” With these words of wisdom we can all hopefully make our school a safer and positive environment for all who walk in the front doors everyday.


Not only does Mr. Chapple want our school to be a comfortable place for everyone but he wants DHS to provide a quality education for its students. “My philosophy as an administrator is to help the educational process by supporting what takes place in the classroom. I try and support policies that give students choice and control over their educational experience. If students slips up and breaks a rule or makes mistakes, I try and make that a teaching moment as well”  Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and can help us build our character and become individuals. Mr. Chapple does not have a lot of regrets about his high school experience. He does wish that he took more CE classes and AP classes. He says “That would have made my college experience a lot easier… and cheaper”