Words From DHS Graduates

Grace Barker

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High school is three years of our life. To us in high school it seems like forever. We are all wanting the best experience, and words from some elders will help us obtain that. “I learned that caring is the biggest waste of time, I had the most fun when I didn’t care about what I was wearing or if I was I was with everyone. When you graduate no one cares so you realize you spend your time caring and worrying about things that are pointless the day after you graduate. So just have fun because it does get harder and high school is so care free and easy even though it doesn’t feel like it when you’re in it.” Says Saylor Mounteer 2018 graduate of Davis High School. Being happy and content can be a very important lesson to learn.

Attending school is very important. Tanner Nelson suggest to, “Don’t let being cool get to your head or you won’t graduate.  Do NOT skip school all the time.” If you don’t go to school, you won’t learn the knowledge you need to learn for the future. Each teacher prepared for each lesson to cater to your needs and you not attending is very disrespectful to those teachers who work very hard for their students.

“Just be a friend to all! No one cares about being cool” says Bridger Beyer. Since we only have three years in this school with these people we need to spend that time meeting new people. Everyone is going through their own problems so being understanding and helping each other will make these three years so much easier. Spread kindness and it will come back to you. Joran Rusnell also talked to me about being involved like going to dances, football games, and activities.

Each one of these graduates all have a common comment and it is to stop caring about being cool. Just have fun and live it up while you can. High school is such a great opportunity so take full advantage of the knowledge high school provides us.